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Financial suggestions: Just 76 independent financial advisers in Australia

Among the appealing advancements from the financial recommendations, reforms are the proposal to develop a public register of financial advisers.

The public register of financial advisers includes employee advisers, which consumers can access to inspect the advisor qualifications and whether or not the consultant is licensed. But it would appear that the register will not divulge whether or not a financial adviser is 'independent'.

Until the government or the financial advising market produces a comprehensive list of financial consultants that consumers/investors can use to verify the professionalism of a consultant, his/her credentials, the ownership of the recommending firm and an adviser's self-reliance, it is anticipated that the information on these professionals will remain limited. People are hoping that more independent consultants will step forward, or choose to move into the 'independent' category.

How many independent advisers does Australia have?

This question has been asked by many Australians many times in the past.

Well, the answer is we do not know for sure. We are aware that much more independent advisers are working their way in adviser land. A minimum of what we hope that in a nation of 23.5 million people that there are a lot more independent financial advisers working for their customers that are too busy to have the time to sign up on a very special list. We hope that updated publications of the lists of financial advisors will motivate other independent consultants to make themselves understood (if they exist), or inspires others to be truly independent.

Open Invitation to Independent Consultants

Updated lists on independent advisers have sprung out due to self-reliance. • The Corporations Act 2001 definition of 'self-reliance' which permits advisers to charge asset-based costs. • The IFAAA meaning of independence, which omits those consultants who charge asset-based fees.

What does an IFAAA independent consultant look like?

Daniel Brammall, President of IFAAA, states that the IFAAA gets numerous calls from financial consultants seeking to be members of the association, and Brammall sends out much application.

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