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Strategy Early For Your 2nd 50 Years

Rapidly-increasing life expectancies are opening doors to new professions, hobbies and experiences for people aged 50 and beyond, although advisors caution that this could mean that financial factors will have to be worked out earlier today compared to how we do it in the past.

Financial huge Continuous, which has introduced a new guide to living an abundant life from 50 to 100, says that more years were added to life expectancy within the 20th century than all the previous years of human evolution combined. One out of five Australians now aged 65 will live to 97, it says.

Perpetual says that preparations for "your second wind" begins in the 40s with adequate insurance coverage and an investment plan, while retirement planning buckles down in your 50s, and beyond 60 aspects such as charity, company succession, investment management and lifestyle assistance take their places.

Perpetual Private group executive Mark Smith believes that the reinvention of retirement has been happening under the radar for about ten years now.

He says by 2041, 23 percent of Australians will be over the age of 65. A significant section of the population will be trying to find ways to live a productive and fulfilled life.

The financial approach for older individuals used to involve putting all their money into steady, safe funds. Smith states that the question now is that if you are going live until 100, how can you grow your capital over that time?

It has something to do with reassessing the goals and objectives you have set. In some instances, it's hard to look at the matter objectively, so take a seat with somebody you have trusted over time, such as a life coach, accountant or advisor. Goals can be modified in a financial sense across careers and endeavours as well.

Planning for Success financial adviser Daniel Budreika states that the majority of people begin to think of retirement finances by the time they reach the age of 40. If you leave it late, it would be harder to make changes.

Budreika says that he is concerned that many of today's Baby Boomers will need to scale their lifestyle expectations back amidst the prospect that they will live a lot longer than they formerly expected. They will need to be more reasonable about the retirement income they are creating for themselves and how it would impact their future. Know your living expenses and then include money for holidays. It has something to do with feeling comfortable with what you are doing, having a strategy and knowing why you are doing it.

Perpetual's Smith says that individuals must not follow the conventional route of leaving retirement preparation till the last five years of work. He states that even if you are years from retiring, now is an excellent time to check your current finances, make a list of properties and financial obligations and think about how they will affect you in the future. It is also essential to check your insurance coverage and get rid of future unpredictability by ensuring real estate preparation.

Improvements in health, diet and exercise are leading the way to a generation living longer than every generation before them. They are active and wish to experience the pleasures of the world. Their thirst for experience and holidays is on top of their minds. This is according to Smith.

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