I had no idea where my lost super was or the names of the funds. I just new it was scattered everywhere and I should definitely have more than $3,000 in my super. Australian Super Finder found all 7 of my funds and now my balance is almost $50,000. Thank you so much for getting my super back on track. ? Leonie, Thomastown VIC

Super Facts and Tips

The Power of Compounding in Superannuation

Compounding is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Most people leading up to retirement has treated it almost like a benefits sprint. So when the reach close to retirement, they try to save as much money as they can into their Super funds.

But if we can change that sprint into a marathon, and start earlier, and perhaps consistently putting smaller amounts in if that's all you can afford, you might find out that you end up better off. And that's because your money has risen higher for you through the snowball effect of compound earnings.

Compounding as Einstein said is the most powerful force in the universe. And so it is very important. Letís take an example. Say you have 9.5% from your employer contribution thatís payable during your work life. So we are now looking at a certain time-frame. A $20 contribution per week will make a difference in your funding. You can increase more significantly by making a $20 contribution per week for many years than paying more in the later years due to compounding interest.

If you're able to make a $50 contribution, then you are sure to end up higher. The benefits increase in proportion to your contribution. You will experience a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings in retirement simply by making those extra contributions.

Let us find your Lost Super

There're about 14 billion dollars of lost super out there, and you might be happy to discover that some of these are your money. If you ever changed residential address and hadn't updated your super funds, then this is a good possibility for you.

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