Financial Service Guide

The following authorised representative has been appointed by Libertas Financial Planning Pty Ltd to provide financial services in relation to the Insurance and Superannuation Products outlined in the PDS accompanying this FSG:

Authorised Representative Name: Nizi Bhandari
Number: 462591

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is dated 03/01/2017. It provides you with information about the financial services provided to you by Libertas Financial Planning Pty Ltd, and its representatives.

You should also refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Insurance and the Superannuation Products. The purpose of the PDS is to help you understand financial products and make your own informed decision about whether to acquire the Insurance and Superannuation Products. The PDS includes information such as the risks, benefits and characteristics of the particular Insurance and Superannuation Products.

Libertas Financial Planning

Libertas Financial Planning holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 429718 and is authorised to provide financial advice and deal in life risk insurance and superannuation products. Libertas Financial Planning may be contacted by phone (02) 8004 6299 or in writing to PO BOX R406 Sydney NSW 1225

Financial Services Provided

Libertas Financial Planning representative may discuss with you the offer of insurance and superannuation described in the accompanying PDS. These representatives are only authorised to provide you with general advice about the Insurance and Superannuation Products. They are not able to provide you with personal advice, which means they will not consider your personal financial circumstances, needs and objectives.

How do I pay for the Financial Services Provided?

There is no charge for the Super Search. There may be a fee charged for our Super Consolidation service; this fee will only be charged if we can recover your lost super funds successfully. The Super Consolidation service fee is charged to your Superannuation account and is not charged to you directly.This fee, if applied, will be explained in detail by your service consultant and your consent will be obtained before the fee is charged.

In the event you ask us to set up your Insurance inside your Superannuation Account, the insurance company may pay the Licensee 0% to 105% (ex GST) of the first year's premium (ex-policy fee and stamp duty) and a percentage of this is paid to the Authorised Representative as commission.

Professional Indemnity

Libertas Financial Planning its employees and its representatives are indemnified under Professional Indemnity Insurance secured by Libertas Financial Planning. Such insurance covers work done by its representatives and employees whilst they comply with the requirements of Libertas Financial Planning Pty Ltd.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint, please call us on (02) 80004 6299 or write to us at:
The Complaints Manager , Libertas Financial Planning Pty Ltd, PO BOX R406 Sydney NSW 1225.

If You are satisfied with our response, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service(FOS),which is a service for consumers.
The Contact details for FOS are:
Tel : 1300 78 08 08, Fax :(03) 9613 6399, Email : [email protected], Website :,
Postal Address : GPO Box 3,Melbourne VIC 3001

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Please sign two copies of this FSG;one to be retained by the client and the other copy to be retained by the adviser.
Version 4,Issue Date 03/01/2017

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